Adding a sideboard to your dining suite may be an afterthought but it gives you both a showpiece and an essential storage area within your home.

The range is designed to suit your requirements & specifications to incorporate all your specific needs, it is an extensive range of styles from modern, contemporary or traditional and the possibilities are enormous.

The individual character of the Tasmanian timbers available even allows you to create inlays within these designs, you choose along the length, height and even the position of the drawers, right down to cutlery drawers, handles and shelves.

Every piece of timber is different so with our Tassie species we have an edge, both in creating a statement of texture but also in a hardwood for everyday use.

Dining chairs are available in a number of tassie timbers and upholstered in leather and fabric from our leading tanneries and
fabric houses, you may indeed choose to create your own dining suite by mixing and matching tables and chairs even timbers
can be mixed to great effect.

Our range of sideboards extends to Wall Units, Crystal Cabinets and Bookcases again in your choose of tassie timber along with specifications choices, important display pieces and storage pieces for form and functionality crafted in the phenomenal beauty of timber.

“Creating stunning modern lines, whilst retaining traditional craftsmanship”Tony Ayres Founder of Tassie Timbers

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  • Mortice And tension joined construction
  • Dovetail drawers
  • Slot screwed solid top designs
  • Matching selected veneer cabinet construction
  • Custom size Fixed & Extension Tables
  • Heat and alcohol resistant finish
  • Selection of available hardwoods


  • A sign of traditional craftsmanship. Best jointing system
  • Strength and durability
  • Free expansion of timber
  • Effective use of resources
  • Designed to suit your needs
  • Durable finish for everyday use
  • Unique sustainable investment

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